Yesterday Whingari and I went to the grocery store together. Here in this area we have My Organic Market (M.O.M.) as a resource. They have fantastic organic produce from all over and I love going there.

Last year at this time I was starting up an organic produce co-op out of my garage. It was A LOT of work. But it was good work. Every week a truck arrived and delivered awesome organic fruit and vegetables for 20 or so families. And then the work of sorting, weighing and bagging began.

This year, far from those days in Indiana, we have M.O.M.

Whingari and I shoppped for fresh mandarin oranges, gala apples, broccoli, garlic, potatoes and many other things.

This, and the great house search, has me thinking of spring and summer and the bounty of fresh produce. Hopefully we can find a place that will allow us space to put out an organic garden. In the entirety of my childrens’ lives, we’ve never gardened.

As a novice, I realize that vegetable gardening may be a lot of work for minimal edible benefit. But as a family of homeschoolers, it seems to me that an important uncurricular element would be for the children to see the food grow — see the work that is required for their meals.

As for the great house search itself…we’re still looking. We did make an offer on the house I’ve mentioned previously, but the sellers want far more than we are willing to spend.

But that is not a problem. We have plenty of time to find the right place for our family.

Time is on our side and gardens do not yet need planting. 😉