Sunday we took the attachlings back to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. It’s just across the water from the aquarium that we went to on the 9th…but so much more fun.


This time I got to see the ‘space’ exhibit, which includes the earth orb photo above. During our previous trip I spent most of our time in the ‘kids room’ with Whinnie and didn’t explore the entire facility.

For those of you familiar with the childrens’ museum in Indy…the ‘kids room’ is sort of like Playscape…only smaller. But it does have a water table, which is all Whingari requires. 🙂

I love watching Whingari explore. She has developed so much confidence and inquisitiveness. As she moved around the water table she had confidence in her actions. She wasn’t intimidated when it was crowded. She was not aggressive either. She jut moved with the surety that she could and should explore.

The boys and Chris go off exploring other areas, much more in keeping with their ages, abilities and interests. And just for a little while I can be the mama of one exquisite toddler taking on her world.

It’s good to see each one of our children individually from time to time. When we see them only as a part of our family ‘swarm’ we can’t see all the little details about who they are and how they are developing

I am not a perfect person and certainly not a perfect mama. But I do endeavor to really know who each of my children are. This is why I homeschool. This is why I unschool. I wish to both know and respect who they are. I wish to be present and aware as they unfold.