I started my first project on circular needles this week. I had used the needles once before, to make a strap for my everyday bag…as it was the only needle I had available onto which I could cast 200 stitches. But in that instance I used the circular just like straight needles.

But Tuesday night, after finishing Theo’s ‘purse’ (which turned out perfectly adorable…I even stitched a capital ‘T’ on the front since he’s in love with letters and his own name right now) I decided that it was time to take on the circulars.

I had experimented with the double-pointed-needles once…just to get the feel for them and found them to be unwieldy. I was anticipating the same feeling with the circular, but was very pleasantly surprised!

OMGoodness! I love using my circular (it’s a size 10, 24″ for those that are curious.) The bamboo needles have a nice feel and the cable doesn’t bother me at all. (They look very much like these:)


Right now I’m knitting something. I might turn out to be a messenger style bookbag for Nic. If it doesn’t seem to work for that, maybe it will become a sundress for Whingari. Yep, seriously, it’s that open to interpretation at this point. 😉

Basically I have 220 stitches on the needles and have put about 15 rows so far. I’ve been very pleased with how easily it’s coming and how logical the use of a stitch marker has been.

My enthusiasm is mostly based on the fact that this is pure creativity. I am not trying to read a pattern — which is recreating. I am creating it all as I go. That is the heart of creativity…a bit of effort and making it up as you go.

Eventually I’ll move on to trying to interpret patterns. There are so many things that I’ve ‘faved’ on Ravelry that I am eager to start on, so I know that I will work on pattern-interpretation eventually.

But for now, I’m just working on the mechanics of knitting. And thoroughly enjoying myself.

in bliss,