I stumbled upon this blog just yesterday:


Aside from the reference to ‘Dancing with Wolves’ (one of my favorite movies) this title made me grin. And then you go there and see dancing sheep.

Anyway, if you are into knitting, maybe check out this blog. There’s much to see and research there.

Yesterday I knitted more on the circular needles. The pieces should soon be long enough to tell me what it wants to become (meaning I can see how it’s size compares to Miss Whingari.) It looks a bit like a flouncy skirt at the moment…which has me wondering if it will become a dress for her. I can see it having some simple straps at the top and then flowing down her mostly straight (though slightly girly-curvy) body. With a shirt under it, it could still be used this winter…later it could be worn without a shirt…we’ll see.

I thought I was starting a messenger bag style book bag for Nic. But since I’m using size 10 needles (the only size I have in circulars…but not for long…) the knit is pretty loose. I think I may have to go at the book bag again once I get smaller needles.

Anyway, on to happy knitting.