Yesterday we went exploring. Chris and I had selected a couple of houses in Maryland and a bunch of them in West Virginia we were interested in seeing.

First let me say that we are deeply fortunate to live in an area with a commuter rail system. It’s called the MARC and it goes all the way out to Harper’s Ferry, WV and up to Frederick, MD and over to Baltimore, MD (and maybe to more places than that) and brings commuters in to the DC metro area. This has expanded our house search area vastly.

How ‘green’ and wonderful is it to live somewhere that offers you to park your car/truck/van, jump on the commuter rail and go to work? It also will allow Chris to work on the way to and from work. Without the MARC system, our housing search area would be greatly diminished.

The attachlings were AWESOME all day, btw. Even little Whingari who, at only 2, can’t quite understand all the time in the van driving around, was quite patient.

And we found our DREAM HOME!

Here’s a view from the deck at the back of the house:


That photo, btw, does not do it justice. It is breathtaking.

It is almost an acre of very accessible land in Harper’s Ferry. The house is wonderful and just perfect for our needs.

Chris, who was willing to sleep on the house’s front porch in order to make sure no one bought it before we could place an offer, called our realtor immediately.

This realtor, whom Nic renamed the ‘house hero,’ so kindly finished up what she was doing and met us at the house.

Our jaws dropped. We thought we loved this house from the outside peeking in. Once we got inside…um, the deal was set.

So off we scrambled to the realtor’s office to work up an offer. She will do more work on it today and be ready to present the offer Monday morning.

And you know what? This house is WAY less expensive than the one we had placed an offer on in Maryland. And it is a far larger, far nicer and far newer house.

I have total and complete faith that if this house is what is right for our family and what we are meant to buy, it will come together. I have no anxiety, no fear. I have only anticipation.

God will provide.

If it works out, we will soon give our attachlings a home with beautiful views, plenty of space to ‘be’ and nature all around us (the new community has a lake and many walking trails to explore.)

Oh, and a young deer came to eat in the front yard while we were awaiting our realtor, um, I mean House Hero. 😉

So, if you have a moment today, please send up a good thought or prayer that everything work out just like it should.