Today I endeavor to not be obsessed with word from our realtor. πŸ˜€

Have I mentioned that everyone has had the cough or sniffles, or both, for the last few days? It started with Miss Whingari and it’s moved through the ranks.

Nic had his first really full-blown head cold in a long, long time. He is still coughing a little and sneezing occasionally…but on the mend.

I am always more acutely thankful of our health when someone is feeling puny. We really are quite fortunate in that. It is quite rare that any of us need to see a doctor or need much more than a homeopathic remedy.

I’m still working on the project on my circular needles. I can’t really call it anything more specific yet…but it does seem to be becoming a dress for Whingari. I spent some time last night decreasing and it now has this frilly, flouncy, ‘skirt-like’ bottom edge to it. Today I’m going to continue knitting up the body tube and see if it looks like it will be a good fit for her. She’s very, very patient and willing when I need to try things on her or need her to stand still while I use a tape measure.

We’ll stay in today. It’s cold out there and I want all my attachlings to get their sniffles gone.

If all goes well with our purchase offer, we might be going to Harper’s Ferry later in the week to meet up with the home inspector. I totally want everyone well for that visit. πŸ˜€

Oh the things I can do once I have a project room for my knitting and sewing…. πŸ˜‰