Those things can wait for a later day when I can post pix.

Today, just a calm entry about life.

We’ve all had something going on since Sunday evening. At times it felt like flu…now it’s more like a massive headcold. And it’s gotten all of us except Whingari (and I’m grateful for that!)

Unfortunately my parenting-reserves were already running quite low. Now with the need to sit down frequently before passing out…it’s really um, fun. 😉

Now normally that wouldn’t be such a big deal. Nic and Theo have been puny and they are content to snuggle under a quilt and watch a DVD and not make me run in circles.

But then there’s Whingari. She’s 2. She’s really, really 2. Not a ‘terrible-two’ whatever that is supposed to mean. But she is smart and resourceful and has a deep need to be in motion and to be discovering.

Mostly while I’m feeling puny she’s discovering everything in the fridge.

Ok, I’m gonna say one thing about ‘the house’ — we need to move in as soon as humanly possible. We all need to be outside among the trees more.

This move will help all of us, body and spirit.

Hoping for a glitch-free day and a glitch-free home buying process.

through the sniffles,