This afternoon we are meeting our realtor at ‘the house’ for the home inspection. At least I think we are.

Poor Theo has been so puny all week. Yesterday I had serious doubts regarding whether he’d be leaving the apartment at all today.

But this morning, after a 15 hour sleep last night, he seems back to normal. He’s asking to eat; he’s playing on the computer (crayon physics is awesome!)

So in a little while, if everyone stays well, we’ll head out.

Along the way we intend to swing by a store and pick up a digital camera. We’ve been needing one ever since I dropped our new one on Whingari’s birthday…yeah, right BEFORE I took a picture of her enjoying her birthday cake. ARGH!

Our weather is warmer today…mid 50s, but with rain on the horizon. So not much outside playtime for the attachlings. But at least they can run around in the basement if need be.

No knitting yesterday…at all. That has to be the first day in months that I haven’t even picked up the needles. I just had no energy for anything other than childcare. And darn little energy for that, to be honest.

Today I feel better and I might be able to finish off the sundress I’m knitting her. We’ll see. So far she’s not been a willing model so I haven’t been able to try the dress on her and see where the straps need to be and how long.

{fingers crossed} for a good home inspection, healthy family, and an overall, easy-home-buying process.