And it’s snowing. Humph!

No matter….spring is still on it’s way. Yesterday I could actually hear the birds over the sounds of traffic. That rarely happens, as the traffic noises here at attachlings-central never stop.

Yesterday we stayed in the apartment all day. Seriously…the door never opened. That rarely happens at all.

It was awesome, even if a little boring. I was determined that all the attachlings stay in out of the cold weather as we are all still getting over the cough.

Whingari helped me make whole wheat muffins, with butternut squash puree. And I really do mean help, not ‘help.’ Lately she’s determined to help when we unstack the dishwasher (she is very good at using the sign for help) and when I am handwashing dishes she likes to do the rinsing.

But yesterday when I needed to get the muffins going I also needed to be providing her with some distraction. And she really did help. She listened to instructions and tried to follow them to the letter. She was good at pouring and stirring and helping to put a bit of canola oil into the bottom of each muffin spot.

I was impressed with how serious she was and how much effort she put into really understanding what was being asked of her.

Yesterday evening the boys wanted to play cards, but didn’t have a full deck (no joke intended…seriously, not all 52 cards.) I decided I’d show them how to play ‘war.’ Theo doesn’t quite understand the rules of most games yet and Nic has no patience…so War was the right kind of game for the moment.

The thing is, though, I didn’t call it War, I just told them I’d show them a card game. They loved it and they quickly named it ‘Swords.’ I dunno why…it made sense to them.

They were still playing it last night when I took Whingari up to bed. I could hear them giggling and pretending to be upset when they didn’t win one round or another.

Today? More inside time. I know they are bored, but I am determined that they stay out of the cold until all their wee little lungs heal completely.

Today we clean. The apartment is certainly showing the apathy that comes with the whole family being sick. And getting things cleaned up both helps us prepare for the week and shows a level of self-respect.

So off to cleaning. The grocery shopping is done and we have plenty of food. Would that we have plenty of patience for one another while we wait for the crocuses to bloom and mother earth to chase away the snow and the cold.