Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Doesn’t that sound like a theme for the day?

That’s much better than reading me complaining about this freakish snow storm. Seriously…this is more snow than we’ve seen in the entire winter thusfar…and it all came down overnight and is still coming.

It is beautiful, though. But it’s 21 degrees out there and the whole family has been sick. No one is going out to play in this snow until/unless it warms up some.

So today we will do projects related to Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We have many of his wonderful books and should be able to come up with some creative projects.

There are some ideas to get us started at The Crafty Crow here: http://belladia.typepad.com/crafty_crow/2009/03/my-entry.html

I think that the boys, especially, will like creating a pocket and then wockets to put in it. 😀

Papa Chris is home sick today…hopefully he’ll have this cold over with soon. He was the last of us to develop the energy-wasting-cough…so he’s the last to get over it.

I’ll post pix later if I have a chance.

Off to create wockets…and pockets…and who knows what else from the wubbulous world of Dr. Seuss.