But it really doesn’t feel like it. It’s hovering around 2 degrees outside, after the wind is factored in. February was far warmer than this…thankfully we are supposed to be back up in the 50s by Friday.


Here’s a cool photo from Friday. This is in the room that Theo and Whinnie will share in the new house (should all work out, that is.) Whinnie is fascinated by lightswitches and closets. That’s her playing in the closet and giggling each time she opens and closes the door.

Theo, there by the windows, is in such an unusual pose that this photo becomes something more. Theo’s like that. There’s something artistic about the way he moves…the way he stands…the way he breathes.

Papa Chris is back to work today after trying to work from home through his cough and fatigue yesterday. I imagine he’s had several cups of coffee at the office…to warm back up from clearing off the van and getting to work in these temperatures.

Yesterday’s ‘big snow’ was a rarity around here. There was enough snow to delay our raw milk delivery from a farm in Pennsylvania…the first time that’s happened all winter.

This week? We continue to stay warm and let the coughs quiet. Hopefully by the weekend, when the weather may allow some playground time, everyone will be well and able to run and play and enjoy the coming of spring.

Enough of my ramblings. Time to go make some breakfast and then play with the attachlings….get out crayons and markers for their morning creativity time….get out the knitting for mama’s morning creativity time….