Yesterday I decided to tackle the double-pointed-needles (DPNS for those not familiar with knitting terminology) by making a pouch for the new digital camera.

Cameras are an endangered species around here and I want to protect this one as best I can. It has this really lovely viewscreen that I do not want to see scratched up.

So I had some basic cotton yarn that I purchased to make leg warmers for Miss Whinnie. It seemed perfect for the job…even if a yarn with more stretch may have been better for my first DPNS project. No matter.

During Whinnie’s nap (and Theo’s too, it turned out) I cast on 45 stitches that I then moved to 15 stitches each for each of the 3 needles. Ok, I didn’t just magically come to those numbers. First I cast on 21 stitches, placing 7 on each needle and compared that diameter to the size of the camera. Um, nope. I could tell I needed something about twice that size.

Do you know what I love about knitting in the round? It automatically creates a stockinette stitch…which is my favorite. Stockinette stitch achieved by nothing more than knitting each row in the round. Stockinette stitch without purling? Awesome!

So I knit many, many rows and once it was slightly longer than the camera, started decreasing the rows one stitch per needle (so 3 stitches per row) until I had about 3 stitches on each needle. Then I incorporated the camera’s handle into a few stitches and finished up the opening with a darning needle.

The resulting project will not come off the camera’s handle, but will move up the handle and out of the way for picture taking. Then it slips back down over the camera, leaving the handle exposed and ready to slip onto one’s wrist. Perfect!

Well, it is imperfect in one way….I can’t take a picture of it…as it’s, um, attached to the camera itself. Ah well. You’ll just have to trust me. đŸ˜€

Today? Back to the book bag I’m knitting for Nic. Shhhh, don’t tell him….it’s a secret.

happy knitting,