Ok, so I don’t totally suck as a student of homeopathy. šŸ˜€

When I took Miss Whingari upstairs for her nap I dug through my remedy stash looking for something, ANYTHING, to help alleviate my symptoms.

And what did I find? Pulsatilla.

During Whingari’s nap I took about 4 doses and with the 3rd one I started feeling well. Now I have a bit of a drippy nose and my ears are still just a bit muffled. But with those 4 doses I’m about 90% well again.

I know that homeopathy just doesn’t make sense to some people. I know that some of those ‘double-blind’ studies have not been able to show the efficacy of homeopathy.

Bah! What do I care for those studies? I can give lots of reasons why homeopathy can be effective AND not seem so from those studies (really, ask me sometime…)

What I do know is that homeopathy, with the correct remedy, seems to remind the body what wellness feels like and how to get back ‘there.’

Endeavoring to never, ever, be out of Pulsatilla,