Yesterday afternoon I finished the bookbag I’ve been knitting for Nic. Well, everything except placing a button or two on the flap.

I knew we were planning on going out for pizza for dinner and wanted him to have his new bookbag for that excursion. Nic has a collection of small Garfiled comic books that he likes to take with him when he knows there will be a wait. And he’s been carrying them in a cardboard box to which he attached a string. Yeah, he’s resourceful that way. ;-D

But I did want him to have something nicer and less prone to ripping apart. And I wanted him to have something that I made just for him. (Once I figure out where he put it I’ll take a few pix and post them…)

I totally guessed on how long to make the carry strap. I wanted it long enough to put it over his opposite shoulder, messenger-bag-style. And I definately made it long enough for that.

I gotta say, I am totally proud of the finished product. 😀

All the attachlings seem to be over their sicknesses. But Papa Chris and I are still trying to kick it. Both of us feel as though we might be getting sinus infections. Oy the pressure in my left sinus. And the muffled hearing on the left side. Way too much fluid buildup in there.

You know the phrase ‘Physician heal thyself”? well here I am, a lay homeopath who doesn’t have Pulsatilla on hand. How can I not have Pulsatilla available? It is THE remedy for fluid in the sinuses and ears. Oh, yeah, I used all of it up on the attachlings to nurse them through their illnesses of late.

So tomorrow when out and around I need to swing  by the natural food store and pick up some pulsatilla.

Today I will continue to eat healthy foods (like made from scratch cream of broccoli soup) and try to rest.

The attachlings have been awesome, btw. Theo seems to have come through his recent illnesses with an increased maturity. Seriously. He seems like a more mature child. And this has led to he and Nic having an easier time working together.

They have all been pretty easy on their coughing, headachey,  can’t-quite-hear-outta-that-ear mama. Bless their hearts. 😀

What else? Um, the home inspection went well. Nothing much to worry about just a few minor things that will be pretty easy to take care of. The house is only 2 years old, so we weren’t expecting big issues.

Spring is coming. We will be in our new home sometime next month, if all goes well. Will it? I have faith that we are being led to this house. If I have faith in that, then I musn’t wallow in worry about how it will come together. To do so would betray my lack of faith.

peacefully (even with painful sinuses),