Pulsatilla is a wonder. On three separate occasions now I’ve watched that wonderful remedy pull someone back from the wobbly edge of a sinus infection.

I feel almost back to normal this morning after a good night of sleep and my wonderful Pulsatilla.

But enough about sickness…I’m tired of it and talking of it. 😀

Yesterday I started a new knitting project. I decided to try to follow a pattern from the book Kids Knitting (I blogged about it back in January.) These patterns are written out instead of utilizing common abbreviations. I figured this is the place for me to start. And maybe, just possibly, it will help me overcome my pattern-aversion. 😀

I chose a pattern for a hat…my first try at one. The pattern called for starting on circular needles of size 6 and casting on 102 stitches. Well, I only have size 10 circs. No matter, I started on the 10s anyway.

The yarn I chose was the cotton ‘baby blanket’ yarn that I bought for the leg warmers for Whinnie. It has those soft baby colors of pink, blue, pastel green, yellow and the background of white. Incidentally, this is also what I used for my ‘camera cozy.’

Anyway, I followed the pattern and eventually moved the knitting off the size 10 circulars and onto the size 4 dpns. Yeah, the pattern called for a switch from circs to dpns…of the same size. But I only have size 4 in dpns. (Can you tell I’m a new knitter? I haven’t had the time to cultivate a needle stash yet either.)

But the changeover went well. No problem at all going from larger to smaller needles sizes.

The hat is almost done…I’m at the point where I have about 36 stitches left on 3 needles and I need to decrease that down to the point where I stitch an I-cord. Then it will be done.

And who will be the recipient of this hat? Um, me. It’s definately an adult size and Chris neither likes hats nor is likely to find this soft baby pastel palette to be to his liking. 😉

Today? I just don’t know. We’re all feeling better and we get spring-like weather. Yesterday it got to the upper 60s and today they are predicting the lower 70s. So there will be playground visits in our day.

peace to you,

working with lacing beads

 working with lacing beads
almost a family photo

almost a family photo