Yesterday it got to about 75 degrees.

How did we spend it? We took the attachlings to 3 different park/playgrounds. 😀

We started at the Mattie Stepanek park in Rockville…which has been a family favorite since we first found it last year.

After a quick lunch we headed over to Harper’s Ferry. Before going over to visit ‘our’ house we stopped at a nearby park. This is a little neighborhood park that we’ve noticed several times. It was awesome.

Then it was visiting the house again. Only the outside, because it’s not truly ours yet. Try telling that to a 2 year old who believes that the front door should open and let her in. ;-D

Then we headed to Frederick for more playtime and dinner.

We got back to the apartment late and slept in late this morning.

Throughout the day I took 113 photos with the new (and awesome) camera. Here’s a few to share:

Whinnie LOVES slides!

Theo LOVES climbing!

and sliding!

Nic loves performing!

Theo loves to hide

Theo has the BEST laugh!

Whinnie really LOVES slides!

When did Nic get so big?

hey, hey, we're the monkeys!


last boys in the woods?

see ya!

It was a great day!