The weekend’s switch to daylight savings time snuck up on me. I wouldn’t have known about it at all if I hadn’t read a notice in passing.

So Sunday morning I stayed in bed until nearly 10am. Ok, it was really only nearly 9am…but when I got up, because of DST, it was almost 10 and I was left (darn Calvin work ethic) feeling embarassed by my slough. šŸ˜€

No matter. We made good use of the day. We took the attachlings to one of their favorite parks, which is a bit of a drive, so we don’t go very often. While there Nic made a friend with a little boy who, “likes physics, just like me!” They played with various bits of wood on the ground to make catapults and levers and various other movement oriented experiments.

Whinnie kept Chris in constant motion as she went down slides and up slides at least a hundred times.

Theo befriended a little boy named Wade, who was only 16 months old. Theo adored him. It’s awesome to see how loving and caring my 5.5 yo ball-o-energy is. šŸ˜€

Once we got back home we all worked on clearing the sight and smell of sickness from the apartment. It was heavenly to open all the windows and let fresh (and nearly hot!) breezes clear everything out.

Me? I started knitting a new hat. I’m {gasp} working from a real pattern…not one written for children. I’ve found, though, that I’m not as apprehensive about it if I write the pattern out first. That gives me the chance to understand the abbreviations and sort of visualize what I’ll be doing. I started a knitting journal for this purpose.

Of course I actually started the hat 3 times and frogged (unraveled) it each time. But I have a plan to start it again in just a moment, with a different idea on how to get started.

Today? Warm temps again will allow me to open up the windows soon. šŸ˜€

with spring-glee,