Spring is almost here. Despite the challenges of the spring switch to daylight savings time…it is nice for the sun to be up at 7pm. The extra sunshine does my heart good.

There are daffodils in bloom outside our apartment building. Not staged ones. Not the out-of-place flowers that you see around businesses, where they were clearly planted in bloom for effect. Nope, these daffodils I’ve watched from their beginnings as tiny green shoots. And they are beautiful and oh, so, welcome.

Clear, warmer and sunny days means that we can restart our excursions into DC. There are so many sights we’ve yet to see and Smithsonian museums we’ve yet to visit.  But we need good weather (for all that walking) and well family membes (for all that learning) to make use of all that DC offers.

So much to do with the coming of spring. Since we should be able to move into our in a about a month, we should be able to do some vegetable gardening as well as some landscaping. I will be very, very conservative on the gardening thing. We will only attempt to grow those items that grow well on their own and produce regardless of the ineptitude of the gardener. 😀

What else? Um, more knitting. I’m not sure what I’ll work on next. I’m off to Ravelry to see what I’ve faved and queued and determine if I have the yarn, needles and skills for any of it. ;-D