Here’s a peak at the project I started yesterday.




I found this yarn cake yesterday whilst digging around for something completely different. I bought this from a yarn shop in Indiana before we moved. It’s Cascade Eco Wool and it’s wonderful to work with. It’s that wonderful balance of stretchy and soft, but also strong.

I found a pattern in the book A Passion for Knitting for an ‘increased/decreased baby blanket’ and thought I’d give it a try. It seemed straightforward enough, but had an element of a new skill as well. For this pattern I had to learn a ‘yarn over’ which gives an intentional little hole, which is what is making that neat pattern in the photo above.

This pattern is stitched corner to corner — starting with casting on only 5 stitches, knitting one row, and then for each row thereafter following this formula: k3, yarn over, knit to end of row. Simple, huh?

I’m using my circ needles again…because they are the only thing I have that can accommodate the 126 inches I’m supposed to increase to before beginning the decreases. But I love working with the circs, so that’s not a problem at all.

I’m not sure if this is going to become a baby blanket, or if I might just not decrease at all and instead turn this into a shawl.

Knitting is like that for me. I get started and then the piece ‘decides’ that it wants to become something different and I just follow it there. 😉

Now the title was Works in Progress not Work in Progress. So what else do I have in the works? Well, I finished up a present for a baby who’s due to be born today. But I can’t share the details or pix for that one until I mail it off.

The other WIP is me. Aren’t we all a work in progress, after all?

I couldn’t sleep last night, which doesn’t happen often for me, so I figured I needed to get up and deal with something. I came downstairs and knitted on the project above. And I thought.

Knitting is great for occupying the part of my brain that gets bored — easily — and letting me think. It’s my yoga.

I had to work through some negative thought patterns and some things I simply need to change about myself and my dealings with people.

So as I knit, I thought, I cried, I brainstormed and problem solved and sent a message to a friend.

And then I knit some more.

I think I worked through my issues because after a short while, I felt cleansed and tired and went back to bed.

Hours later I awoke and realized that I had no trouble getting to sleep after all of that.

Time to attack a new day. And this time, with enthusiasm and energy and positivity.


PS – send up a thought or prayer to baby Elias today. Don’t worry, your prayers will get to the right place even without you knowing where you are sending them…