I read somewhere recently that a knitter can always remember their ‘knit-versary’ — the anniversary of when the started knitting. Is this true? Can the knitters who read this blog remember a specific date?

I remembered that it finally ‘clicked’ and I started knitting — not just trying to knit — on the Thursday before the inauguration of Barack Obama. So I went to the calendar and looked up the date, January 15th.

That makes today, March 15th, my two month knit-versary.

And I have been BUSY.

And I don’t see it stopping soon.

Yes, soon I’ll have to reduce my knitting time because we will be packing and preparing to move. And then once we move I will be unpacking and helping everyone get settled in our new home. And then I will be nesting in said new home, which will include setting up the sewing machine and making things to personalize the rooms.

But I will still knit when and where I can.

Last night I got to the halfway point of the green-thing I’m knitting. I think I will make it into a baby blanket after all.

When I got to the halfway point, I stopped and weighed the yarn cake. It started off at 250 grams and I knew that I’d need, apprx, 125 grams to finish it. And it’s weight? 130 grams. Now I realize that I might use more or less yarn on the decreasing rows than I did on the increasing rows…but still, I think I will give it a go.

We went to the library yesterday and I found four more knitting books to bring home and consume. Three of them have patterns (for baby/toddler apparel or for shawls/ponchos/wraps.) The fourth one is what I’ve been looking for all along:

Knitting in Plain English

That’s right! Knitting in Plain English. I started looking through it last night and it’s truly wonderful. I learned more in 30 minutes of perusing than I might have in the whole last month. I’ve already added this to my amazon wish list.

I’d also recommend this book:

Little Badger KnitwearLittle Badger Knitwear
The photos of the children are awesome and the instructions seem simple enough even for a newer knitter. I’m especially intrigued by a sweater design with a different type of back, allowing for easy on and off with babies.

Ok, that’s enough for today. Off to read, knit and be with my attachlings (and attachling-papa) on a chilly, rainy, overcast day.