Yesterday it was cold, overcast and rainy here. Ugh. I can handle that on weekdays, the attachlings and I stay inside and it’s not a problem. We have many things to do to keep us occupied.

But on the weekends, I only ask for dry weather. Warm weather would be nice, but I’m not greedy.

Instead of staying home and going bonkers, we decided to find something new. And off we went to a small, regional ‘children’s discovery center’ in Virginia.

I took loads of photos. The children had loads of fun. Whingari and Theo were in constant motion completely engaged and stimulated by the activities. Nic would have been bored about halfway through, except that he clicked with a boy his age and had a pal.

Turns out the boy (Matthew) and his family just moved to the area too. Turns out that Matthew is a lot like Nic. Turns out — they homeschool too! Awesome!

Matthew’s mother and I exchanged email addresses…you just don’t let these types of coincidences slip through your fingers! Maybe we can get the families — and in particular Nic and Matthew — together again sometime.

Here are a bunch of photos from our weekend. Enjoy!



golf ball physics

rock wall climbing

taking care of the 'babies'

building together