Today I launch my new knitting blog, Mindful Knitting.

The name ‘mindful knitting’ came to me a few nights ago as I knit through my insomnia. I was considering how some people judge the interests and activities of others as ‘mindless activities.’

For me knitting is anything but mindless. For me knitting has become a mediation.

Meditative time can be hard to come by for a mama to 3 homeschooled children. There aren’t many quiet times. There are rarely any calm times.

But whilst the children are otherwise engaged, I can knit. Paying attention to what I do with my fingers occupies my conscious mind and I am able to observe the thoughts that pass through my consciousness. Bliss.

Mindful Knitting is a blog where I can post pix of my works in progress as well as completed projects. And it’s a place to organize links I’m collecting for future projects.

Knitting is not being banished from this blog. 😀
I’ll just have far more details collected ‘over there.’