…I mean observing. 😀

It’s been a long (perceptually speaking) winter and spring is here. Through this winter I’ve made a few connections about the importance of children becoming bored and then resolving the issue themselves.

I’m not talking neglect here, educational or otherwise. I’m not talking about children whose needs are clearly not being met. I’m referring to children who have had all their needs met. I’m talking about children who have had a parent (or two) for interaction and connection and being read to and cuddled and tickled and well fed.

Sometimes the aforementioned children still become bored. And they want someone else to fix that.

When a child has their needs met, I view boredom as the spirit’s call to something bigger…not necessarily something new, but something engaging.

Nic is 9 1/2 years old and I do expect that he can occupy himself. When he says he’s bored, I offer to give him housework. 😀 I’m not kidding…ok, sometimes I am. But he realizes pretty quickly that he doesn’t really want me to cure his boredom.

In the last week, when children with all their need have been met, I’ve seen good things come of hanging back and knitting and seeing what they can come up with.

On three separate occasions I’ve seen the three of them go from wild and bored to engaged by the simple act of me trusting that they could do so.

Nic picks up a book.
Theo begins a new lego creation.
Whinnie pulls out the wooden train set and starts creating.


I’m not trying to judge others…goodness knows my imperfections are many. But I do think that sometimes we try to over-fix boredom in our children and rob them of the ability to find their own inspiration.

Off to knit, interact and, when called-for, observe.

😀 Peace,