Yesterday we drove to Harper’s Ferry/Charlestown WV to start getting acclimated. When we moved to Maryland we had to try to figure things out and orient the boys via information we could get online. And then fill in the (huge) gaps once we got here.

This time, though, we are moving so nearby we can do it better.

Yesterday, then, we tried out a path between the house and a nearby train station, which is how Chris will commute to work. Have I mentioned how awesome a commuter rail system is. 😀

Then we stopped by the house and took pix and chatted about things like landscaping and property care. There are plenty of activities to keep the attachlings busy in the yard.

Then we went in search of our favorite pizza place in the area. The children LOVE Ledo’s Pizza and Chris had found that there was a location very close by. This is a serious thing, especially for Theo.

Ledo’s found. Pizza eaten. Family happy.

Next we went searching for a playground.
Playground found. Equipment explored. Children happy.

Then we found the Charlestown branch of the couny library system. It was closed for the day by then, but we got to see where it was.

Then the drive home. Two very tired short people slept while we drove.

Three weeks from right now we will have completed the closing and a huge chunk of the move — if all continues to develop as planned.

So three weeks from right now, we might be waking up for the first time in our new house.

I’ve had a hard time believing this is happening. I’ve had a hard time engaging in it. I think it’s because sometimes I feel I’ll be trapped in this tiny apt forever.

But it is coming and I am happy and eager and grateful.

Enjoy the pix,