Yesterday was spent packing. Well, Chris and the boys packed. Whingari played nearby, thwarted some, helped some. I cleaned, cooked, ran errands. Then we gathered up the attachlings and took them to a playground. As it was a sunny, warming day, it seemed best for all of us.

Chris and I will have our 15th anniversary in June. And we’re still learning about one another and how to do all things cooperatively.

For example, I really don’t want to pack. I have been dreading it and avoiding it. And then it occurred to me, Chris is just itchin’ to pack. He looks to it rather eagerly and is ready to jump in. So I told him, ‘I’d rather do the dishes 10 times a day, plus all the cooking and cleaning than to do any packing.’ His response: ‘OK’ 😀

That’s part of the ‘dance.’ We don’t have to do equal shares of all the same things in order to maintain balance. We don’t have to worry about one partner doing more than the other or anyone feeling used. All we do have to do is express things to one another and find points of agreement.

If all goes well three weeks from right now Chris will be utilizing the commuter rail system for the first time to get to his office. But since he’ll have his laptop and a 3G wireless network card…he’ll be working whilst the train moves along.

This week? Packing, cleaning, cooking, reading, knitting, chasing attachlings around the apt (short trip.)


PS – – here are a few pix for you…