We are so at the mercy of the electronics around us, aren’t we?

I had just logged on this morning and taken a quick peek at my email, and then our connection was lost. Completely lost. The router wasn’t working.

I called the cable company and they confirmed…yep, no connection. So we scheduled an appt for a tech to come take a look tomorrow.

So I went on about my day, cooking, cleaning, reading to the attachlings.

Life wasn’t any quieter without the internet. These are very loud, passionate children, after all.

But just as inexplicably, right after lunch, the router came back online.

The boys are delighted, as they can log back on to lego.com which is probably their favorite virtual universe.

Me? I’m just glad that I don’t knit any faster, otherwise I would have run out of the handwritten instructions for the project that I’m working on now. Or maybe I should just be grateful that I wrote some of it down yesterday.

Either way. We’re back.


cute & cuddly together

cute & cuddly together