That would be me. I’m missing naptime. No, not a nap for me…I am not a napper. I mean Whingari.

Today is week 2 of the ‘no nap experiment’ for Whingari.

Over the past couple of months getting Whingari to sleep at night has been devolving. And she was my easiest getting-to-sleeper of the three of them.

Occassionally she would refuse to nap, and then go to bed easy and early that night. Lightbulb!

So now I don’t take her up to the bedroom after lunch. We just have some quieter time right then, when the boys play on the computer and Whingari and I read together, or she plays with me or on her own.

This has come on too fast for me. The boys each napped regularly well past their third birthdays. Whingari just turned 2 in December.

Of course she’s been on her own schedule since birth. She held her head up, sat up, walked and went diaper-free earliest too.

But I miss that quiet time. That’s when I could read or working on knitting that took more concentration.

However, the experiment seems to be working. Whingari has been almost begging to crawl into bed before 8pm. That’s a big improvement over not wanting to go to sleep even at 9 or later some nights.

Of course, we all have to deal with an increasingly cranky 2yo throughout the afternoon. But as with all things in life, it’s always a tradeoff.

Yesterday during this time, Whingari and I worked on building with a domino set and then she laid the tracks down for the train set (pix to follow.)

Once we move all the attachlings will be getting more physical activity daily…so there’s a chance Whingari will need to go back to napping. But for now, this is, apparently, the ‘new normal.’