For several hours yesterday, this was our project, doing physics experiments utilizing our large wooden block collection. Of course to Whingari and Theo we were playing…but they were doing physics too.

It started with Whingari creating a row of blocks that she named her road. So out came the toy cars:

Nearly immediately Theo heard the sounds of building and joined in. Together he and Whingari started creating bridges and tunnels. Tunnels must be driven through, of course. When the first tunnels collapsed upon impact (there’s always impacts) they worked on designing tunnels that were more stable. Along the way they played with ideas of shape, weight and center of gravity.

Next, Theo went off to the side and started building his car recycler. He does this all the time. It’s a wooden tower with a circle in the center. Toy cars are sent into the hole and are ‘recycled.’

The coolest part about this is when he put the curved piece along the side and said that it was a ‘flying buttress for extra support.’ 😀


After much experimenting with that, I asked Theo what he could make with the ‘ramp’ pieces. He decided to make a tall tower and let them drop off the top. Then I asked him if he could predict where they would land and build a structure for them to land in. Oh, and check out yet another ‘flying buttress’ on this one.

Through all of this Whingari either helped with the building, helped get supplies, or helped launch cars. When she wasn’t doing that, she and I were sending pull-back cars along her road.

It was awesome to see the two of them working together so much. There are way too many times when this 2 year old prefers to grab-n-run.



Nic? Through all of this he was watching NOVA programs online. One of them was about the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park. He LOVES watching NOVA and Nature programs online. Cool kid.

And just so I haven’t left him out of this long photo post, here’s one of his most recent drawings. It’s a ‘devil droid.’ Of course.


peace and blessings,