Yesterday (Sunday…since I’m typing at 12:31 on Monday morning…) was beautiful. I got to sleep in a little. The sun was so bright and beautiful.

We went out for lunch at our favorite pizza place and then off to the park. I took scads of pix, but they are still in the camera. It was a new park for us, and one the attachlings enjoyed quite thoroughly.

Nic made a new friend…which isn’t unusual for him. She was an 8 year old who was just as chatty, friendly and charismatic as Nic. By the time I went over to check on him, they already knew one anothers’ life stories. Thusly, I got to learn that she was adopted from a Russian orphanage when she was only 2 and has been with her ‘American mother’ since she was 3.

Nic asked her why she had been in the orphanage. She said, with amazing calm and composure, that her mother was very poor and couldn’t take care of her nor had enough food for her to eat.

Astonishing. And a person I would have never met if Nic weren’t so friendly and outgoing.

We left the park soon after and Nic pined for his new friend.

After we swung by the apt for bottles of water, we headed off to a different park. The day was seriously so beautiful I couldn’t tolerate the idea of being in the apt again.

The other park we went to was for exploring nature…which we did.

Then we headed back home — tired all — for dinner.

The attachlings all fell asleep pretty easily and not much past 8:30 pm.

Would that I could go to sleep so easily.

Darn insomnia.

grateful for sunny days,