Yesterday found us at the library. Fun was had by all. And I think we checked out about 70 titles, books and movies combined. That’s ok, we took back about 65 titles. 😀

After all the titles had been located and Nic read nearby, Theo and Whingari and I went into the little kids area. Here there is an almost circular room with picture books around the perimeter and a few quiet toys in the middle. Theo loves this space, but he’s kinda loud and, um, Theo. Whingari loves this space and is always quiet, explorative and happy.

While there we met a little girl named Evelyn and her parents. Evelyn was 18 months old and was immediately taken with Theo. Most all children are. He’s fun, sweet, loving and full of energy.

As Theo explored with Evelyn in tow, I was able to watch the parents watching this interaction.

I remember those days when I had just one child, Nic, and all of it was full of eagerness and trepidation.

That is not to say I’m an expert now. Hardly. And even if I do have the equivalent of a PhD in these children…it does not translate to any other child or family. I’ve studied only this social/biological microcosm. I know almost nothing about any other.

I’m speaking more to the feelings I remember having. When there is just one child, and that child is still so new, everyday and every developmental change can seem like taking a step in the dark. You simply don’t know what will, or even might, come next.

Likewise, I saw in Evelyn’s parents’ eyes that wondering and watching other families. They watched Theo with such wonder. It was easy to see that he would do Evelyn no harm, btw, they were not ‘on alert.’ Rather they were looking at how caring he was for this child he just met. They were looking for the ways in which Evelyn interacted with him. They were looking at possible sibling dynamics.

It was good for me to remember this. It was good for me to see that I feel such much less trepidation these days — and with no less eagerness.  These days I am eager to see the young adult the boys are morphing into, and the little girl that Whingari is becoming. I think ahead to when they are all in their teens or 20s.

And I am reminded of the concept that one should always have patience and compassion for everyone at all stages…for you have once been the beginner, you will one day be the wise and you are probably somewhere between now.