Barring anything truly unexpected, this is our last week in the apt. 😀

Closing is scheduled for Friday.
Moving truck has been reserved.
Packing is going so well we had to stop…so that we could continue to live this week.

Yesterday we went to visit the house. We’d not been there for several weeks, and were itching to see what early spring was looking like there in the mountains.

Though we could not go in, we could enjoy the yard, enjoy the beautiful view, enjoy the quiet.

It is so very quiet there. So quiet you can hear a car approaching from a half-mile away. So quiet you can hear the wind rustling the leaves at the treetops a few seconds before the wind reaches you on the ground. So quiet you can hear a woodpecker far away. So quiet you can watch a whole family of deer graze within eyesight.

To me yesterday’s visit was quite purposeful. The children have done a fantastic job of helping with packing, even Whingari helps. And we are going to need all of their best patience for the closing appt on Friday. Those things are horribly boring even to a grownup…they will not be fun for the children.

And then there’s the move itself. It will be a lot of work. (Though moving everything downstairs in the cool of April will be easier than moving things upstairs was in the scorching heat of July!!!)

So yesterday’s visit was to give all of us a fully-concrete reminder of why we are doing all this planning and work.

And we did play in the yard. And we did hear the wind. And we did hear a woodpecker. And, yes, we even got to watch a whole family of deer grazing nearby.


PS — I’ll be offline from Friday morning (4/17) until sometime on Tuesday (4/21) when someone is coming to the house to hook up our internet connection. There will be so much going on between those times that I’m sure I wouldn’t be online much anyway. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 😀