Yesterday was a tough one with Miss Whingari. Have I mentioned that she has developed quite a temper? Well, she does. And she’s dramatic about it.

So yesterday was one of those days where she moves from one demonstration of her 2yo strength to another.

When I asked her, politely mind you, to not put toys in her glass of milk, she promptly pour the milk all over the table in protest. Ok, no more beverage independence for right now.

When she saw that Theo was pouring himself a bit of orange juice, she snatched his cup and threw it across the room…yeah, juice and all.

When I wouldn’t give her another drink (after the two above mentioned offensese) she flung herself onto the carpet and moaned.

When the boys crossed her, she smacked them.

Oy! What to do with a 2yo in a bad, bad move.

And then I noticed that my stomach (really whole digestive system) was feeling nervous and jittery and just ‘off.’

Ah, I thought, I’m feeling nervous and jittery and quite excited about the closing and the move.

And then it occurred to me. If I didn’t know why I was feeling wonky, maybe Whingari is feeling the anticipation and doesn’t know what to do with her emotions either.

Whingari is one of those children who always knows what’s going on with everyone. She will run and get your shoes even if you just off-handedly mentioned that you need to go to the store…even though she was across the room and otherwise-occupied when you said it.

Several times during the packing process we’ve not realized she was watching and becoming anxious. When we stopped and asked her if she remembered the new house (we had pix to make sure she understood) and that we were packing to move all of our things there…she stopped being anxious and helped fill the boxes.

I have to remind myself, constantly, that she sees, feels and observes far more than she can articulate, or even understand.

Here are a few pix of Whingari drawing…in a few quiet moments.