In just a little while we are off to a busy, busy day. We have many things to do, all with the intent of making you part of our family.

There will be much busy-ness and noise and activity in the next 48 hours.

There will be many feet tromping around, exploring your crevices, seeking out your secrets.

In about 5 hours we will sign a ton of papers and make you ours officially.

Tonight, if all goes as planned, we will stay with you throgh the night and see how the stars shine down upon your roof.

So, today, dear house, we will bring you noise, we will bring you life, we will bring you our family.

I am overjoyed in anticipation of the life we will create within your walls.

Mama Mary

ps — to those humans who are reading this post: look for new attachlings blog posts sometime Tuesday (4/21) or later…depending on when we get our new internet connection.