And it’s only 1pm.

We just had lunch. Yummy food. Good, replenishing food. Rice, broccoli, cheese, carrots. All ingredients for a good rice casserole…only served individually since these children aren’t likely to eat a casserole.

The attachlings have played, run, squealed and pretended.

Me? I organized Theo’s clothes (including culling out all items that are too small and/or need mending.) Then I organized the utility room. The next time I whine about piles of laundry, I will remember that it could be worse. What’s worse? Piles of laundry with no washer or dryer. I have a lead on a set from craigslist…so hopefully we’ll remedy that situation over the weekend. I also need to get a rotary dryer…you know, those things that look like an umbrella skeleton but for drying clothes? Since my utility room opens out onto the deck (which has no steps for going down to the backyard) it seems logical to me to put a rotary dryer there on the deck. The breezes are great up at that height too.

Let’s see, what else? I made a batch of yummy pumpkin muffins. I’ll post pix of those, as well as the recipe tomorrow.

I’ll also post pix of Whingari in her ‘cowgirl’ outfit. You’ll just have to see it to smile. She played on the deck and ‘helped’ me sweep it off while I organized the utility room. 😀

Seems like I’ve done more today. I guess the utility room clean up took more time than I realized.

I have loads of pix to share. I’m especially intrigued by the play of light and shadow in the morning. The kitchen and living room face east, so we get great views of the sunrise. We also have loads of sunlight streaming in and kissing all the surfaces. The in the afternoon, the other side of the house, which includes a bedroom, my craft room, Chris’ office and the master bedroom, gets the light.

I’ve been wandering around just randomly taking photos of whatever looks interesting and/or brings me joy.

Here are a few: