Wow! The sunshine this morning is arresting. The birds are singing their songs. What a beautiful start to the day. 😀

Today will be busy, though. I need to drive to Trader Joe’s to stock up on groceries. While there, I need to pick up a few things at Target. We want to make our first trip tot he library…which only has Saturday hours from 9-1. Then we are supposed to go look at a washer/dryer set. Oh, and there’s just ordinary life stuff too, like eating and taking care of children. 😉

I’d be tired from just thinking about it…except that last Saturday WAS exhausting. And today is so beautiful.

Last night we headed out to the deck to see the stars. Nic spied the big dipper almost immediately. Papa Chris told the boys that he’d been able to watch Venus crest over the mountainside that very morning. The boys were dazzled by the number and clarity of the stars. Ah, bliss.

More photos and then I’m off to make some breakfast, brew some coffee, and just generally take on this day. 😀