Our weekend was just plain devoted to details of ‘setting up a house.’

A major endeavor was getting the laundry situation managed. This beautiful house had almost everything. The almost being: a washer/dryer set and a mailbox.

Watching craigslist listings through the week lead me to a wonderful washer/dryer set in a nearby community. Saturday afternoon came and Chris took all the seats out of the back of the van and went to get them.

When he came back we moved them into the laundry room and hooked them up. Uh, oh. The dryer’s plug didn’t match the wall outlet for it. Hmmmm. Ok, off to the home improvement store. Not a bad thing, since I still needed to get a clothesline.

Did you know that dryer plugs come in different types? I didn’t. But, oh, goodness, there were multiple choices at the store for solving this problem. It’s a good thing Chris came too…I’d have been lost.

Chris chose a new plug/cord thingy. That would mean taking a plate off the back of the dryer and putting on this new one. Thankfully this option, if successful, would NOT mean messing with any of the electrical systems in the house…always a good thing.

Next we headed over to the aisle where we were told to find clotheslines. And what did we find there? Oh, goodness, a photo will explain this better:


That’s right! A rotary dryer…just like I had been wanting. This baby cost less than $40, was all assembled, and has 197 feet of clothesline space! Awesome!

Did I mention that my laundry room opens out onto this deck? And that this deck…awesome deck, mind you…does not have steps leading down to the yard? So taking the laundry to a clothesline in the yard would mean taking the baskets down to the basement and then outside.

But this rotary dryer, lashed to the corner of the deck is just perfect! It has a capacity of 37# and that’s a lot of laundry…even wet. And it rotates around so that you don’t have to reach.

It can hold two full loads (of an extra large capacity washer) without a problem. I even had about a load and a half still on there when I added a full set of king size bed linens.

The dirty laundry ‘mountain’ had gotten quite large, mind you. So when I say that we washed 8 loads of laundry yesterday, I do mean it. And the dryer (which totally works, btw!) ran for only about 40 minutes…and that was to dry a load of Chris’ good clothes for work.

Now I have a mountain of clean laundry all over my kitchen table awaiting me to sort, fold and put away. It’s ok. I’m up for it. πŸ˜€

What else? Oh, yes, the mailbox. Whilst we were at the home improvement store, we did find a mailbox and a mailbox kit. The kit had the post and all the stuff on which you place a mailbox. We found an excellent deal there! The kit normally retailed for $126, but was marked down to $24.

Sold. Assembled. Installed. Here’s a photo of Chris taking the assembled piece out to the street to place it.


What else? Oh, Chris found a computer desk on craigslist too. The little wobbly desk we had the computer on for the attachlings just wasn’t working for us. Eventually, we were sure, Whingari was going to cause the whole system to crash down to the floor.

So Chris found this desk, and it is lovely and the right size. But after the heavy, physical weekend we had, neither of us relished the idea of taking all the seats back out of the van to go get it. (Yes, a small, very used, pickup truck is in this family’s future!)

Chris emailed the desk’s owner and said that if they didn’t sell the desk by next weekend, we’d buy it. The owner called Chris immediately and said if we wanted the desk, they’d be more than happy to deliver, as they needed it gone and they’d rather deliver it than put it in storage.

Ah, life is good.

So this morning, we have a new desk, a new mailbox, and my ‘under $200 complete laundry solution.’

See? Life is good.