After four days of 90 degree weather, what a change!

Today it is overcast, has been raining, and about 60 degrees.

We got the attachlings out of bed quite early this morning so as to take Papa Chris to the train station. This allows us to have the van for the day and much adventure ensues.

My objective today was to find a nearby library and get library cards. I don’t feel *at home* anywhere without library access.

We found a tiny, yet completely sweet and well-stocked, library fairly nearby. And the library is part of a three-county wide system. Although I don’t expect to go to another county for books, it’s nice that they share their collections.

We came home with one book and 5 DVDs…as they have a limit of 3 items per card for the first checkout. Nic gasped outloud at that rule. ;D

We’ll probably go back on Saturday, take back these items, and check out dozens more.

And it is still grey. But it is a nice change from the excessive (for April anyway!) heat of the last few days.

Off to make lunch and do a bit of cleaning. And knitting. And reading. Oy! I have so many things I want to accomplish in this one little day. 😀