If you’ve lived near enough to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis to go there whenever you please, then you’ll understand why few other facilities measure up.

We used to live a short drive from that museum, and we always had a family membership. So we went there often, and spent as much or as little time there as we wished. It was awesome.

Here we’ve found that the Maryland Science Center is the best offering. But it is in Baltimore, which is a drive. And as Papa Chris can tell you, you do not want to try to drive out of Baltimore on a weekday after 4. He spent 3 hours getting home from a conference in Baltimore yesterday evening. Not fun.

Yesterday it was rainy and quite wet. So the park visit to meet other homeschoolers could not happen. My solution was to load up the attachlings and go off to find a children’s musuem we hadn’t seen yet.

It was a fun adventure…and I’m glad we went. I took loads of photos for inspiration. Some of the ideas I am considering integrating into our ‘room of requirement’ especially the market. Whinnie and Theo loved that and played ‘store’ for quite a while.

Here are a few of the photos. Enjoy!