Here’s what our weekend looked like:


It just rained the whole time. Everything is soaky, sopping and rain-laden. All this rain, and the bit of sunshine we’ve had at odd intervals, has turned the road to our house into a gorgeous, lush, emerald lane.

Wildlife abounds in these parts, of course. Yesterday evening, with the boys inside at dusk (they are outside most evenings from dinner until dark) the deer returned. We had 3 in the backyard, and 3 in the front, munching away.

Saturday found us working on minor projects around the house…preparing bookshelves, working on a leaky pipe, installing a slide lock on the front door (that one to keep ‘escape artist Whinnie’ from getting out the door without notice…which she’s become adept at.)

Sunday found us off for some excursions and grocery shopping. Before returning home we went by the library and loaded up on books and DVDs for the week ahead.


I’m working on rhythms.

As I move through my days considering what the attachlings need to thrive, I see a need for predictable rhythms. I like that word, Rhythms. It is more appealing than ‘routine,’ to me anyway. A routine can so easily become a rut…but a rhythm implies flow, implies ease.

As I move through my days I am also finding that I need more rhythms. I need an almost-organic flow to my days.

I’m finding my ‘answers’ by continuing to read Heart of Learning, the Oak Meadow book I blogged about last week and the blog The Parenting Passageway, suggested to me by mama-friend Pam.

I’m finding my way, also by doing meal planning. I find that too many of my days include the phrase, “I don’t know what’s for lunch/dinner…let me go figure something out.”

Yesterday morning, whilst Papa Chris engaged the attachlings in projects, I sat down and plotted out the next 2 weeks. I’ve done dinner planning before, and always feel better equipped at the grocery store when I have a plan. But this time I mapped out everything, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…for the 2 weeks. Then with plan in hand, we headed out.

Knowing ahead of time what we’re having helps me to know what days I need to make a fresh load of bread, or which days meals are dependent on leftovers from the night before. It is my bliss to be this organized. 😀

Today, then, with meal planning accomplished and only meal construction to do…I will work on the idea of rhythms for the attachlings.

I have many ideas in mind. I wish there to be a flow of active times and quiet times…together times and solitude times…creativity times and receptivity times.

And a few more photos: