Yes, gentle readers, I am doubling up on the blog posts today. πŸ˜€

Here I sit about halfway between lunch and afternoon snack. I know this because I have it sorta/kinda plotted out on my ‘natural flow to the day’ details.

This morning was a wonder to me. I tried to gently and unobtrusively encourage a different kind of day for all of us.

I worked at making sure that as soon as the attachlings were up and around, my laptop was off and put away. Then I puttered around the kitchen. As I put away clean dishes and started a loaf of bread (which I usually don’t think to in the morning…but my meal plan said we needed it for lunch today. πŸ˜€ ) each of the children would buzz through the kitchen, see where I was and what I was doing, and go back to their projects.

After a little while I started preparing plates for each of them, knowing that ‘mama, I’m HUNGRY!’ would soon be heard. And by the time they showed up for it, it was ready for them. πŸ˜€

Children fed, dishes cleaned up…I encouraged each of them to get dressed for their day and join me in the basement. Around here ‘basement’ has begun to take on an almost magical appeal. Basement means playtime.

Within 5 minutes everyone was dressed, had on their crocs and we were in the basement. Whinnie, as is typical, headed straight for the table with paper and markers. The boys jumped on their bikes and started racing around after one another. (Rain for DAYS without end makes me ever-so-grateful for a huge basement.)

While they played, I unpacked boxes of books. As I sorted books and placed them on the shelves, I found toys and puzzles. Whinnie enjoyed exploring these.

An hour or so after beginning, all the books were unpacked and where they could be accessed easily, many games, puzzles and toys were found and placed on shelves, and a thirsty foursome headed upstairs to rest.

After starting some rice to cook for lunch, I sat down with Whinnie and we read several of the library books brought home yesterday. Then she went off to build with the boys again.

A little while later, before they could clamor for more, lunch was ready and we sat down together to eat. When finished the boys cleaned up their plates, and asked, quite politely, if they could play on the computer during Whinnie’s nap.

Of course, here I sit typing because Whinnie simply won’t nap today.

But the thing is, it was such an excellent morning. Needs were anticipated. Wants were communicated. The computer the children use wasn’t even turned on until 1pm.

Who knows if we can maintain a relative calm all afternoon. But we can try. The peacefulness is worth the try.


PS – and whilst I typed, Whinnie fell asleep in my arms. Tis a good thing I can balance a laptop on one knee and type while holding her beautiful, ever-growing form.