I cannot imagine anyone not liking Spring.

Spring is just so alive. There is color and the cacophony of life everywhere.

The lushness of the trees and the songs of the birds greet me from every room.

Ah, yes, there is rain. Lots of rain, sometimes. Here it has rained, some, everyday for the last 10 days. Every day. Did we move to Seattle, I have wondered?

But it is the rain that has brought forth this abundance of life, color and sound.

This morning the sun is shining. Which reminds me how much I love morning. What? Did I just type that? Me, like morning? I’ve always believed myself to be a nightowl. Hmmm.

But I discovered when I stopped drinking coffee back in January, that I could fall asleep earlier. Then with earlier and better sleep, I began greeting the day with eagerness instead of irritation.

Now, 4 months into my coffee-free existence, morning is my favorite time of day. Not only is it quiet (when, like now, all attachings are still asleep) but it is also full of promise…it is all potential.

Here are a few photos from the past several days.


may5 001may5 002may5 004may5 005

may5 013may5 015

may5 020

may5 008

may5 024