As I sat trying to compose the theme for this day’s post, I was flooded with ideas: waldorf-homeschooling, neighbors, locavorism and skinks.

What do they all have in common? they were each part of a full weekend.

I’ll save the chatter about the waldorf books I got at the library…that can be tomorrow’s post.

Skinks? Nic and Papa Chris found one while doing yardwork on Saturday. The neighbors tell us it is a Five Line Skink. Thankfully they got a few good photos to share with us:

may10 002

Later that day Theo and Papa Chris saw a snake…though it was too fast for photos.

Saturday late afternoon had us meeting another new neighbor. This one runs her own farm with cows, chickens, and fainting goats. Oh, and a surly goose. And a big, loveable german shepherd named Draco, who keeps said surly goose in line. 😀

And here’s where locavorism (you know…local & eating) comes in to the story. This neighbor…a mere 4/10ths of a mile away from my own door…is now my source for farm fresh eggs, butter and milk. I am in heaven!

This is a working farm, complete with mud and muck and butchering. But Saturday was more of a petting zoo experience. Theo held the baby chicks. Theo and Whinne petted wee calves, just a few weeks old, and a wee newborn goat, who wanted to eat Whinnie’s shirt. Oh and there’s a rumor that there is llama on the property somewhere too, probably up the hill grazing with the horses.

So close that we can, and will, walk there…now that’s local!

Nic went to the farm with us, but instantly pal’d up with the 2 neighbors his age and went off to explore. But that is a wonder too. Two neighbor boys, roughly the same age, to pal up with.

After chatting with the neighbor about her products, I cajoled all the attachlings back home. Whilst Papa Chris got each of them bathed and in jammies, I made some dinner. And we all fell into bed happy and spent.

Sunday found me cleaning house, completing my meal plan for the week, and heading out to the library to pick up holds. By myself. That was, I suppose, my mother’s day present to myself…an hour of completely alone time.

I would have taken Whinnie with me, but when I saw this scene, I decided that it was my chance to take off alone:

may10 032

When I returned from the library, we headed over to the neighbor’s house for a long afternoon of play and communing.

Eventually we dragged the tired attachlings back home. There was homemade pizza dough on the counter rising, and while Chris, again, got everyone bathed and jammied…I made homemade pizza. Yum.

And again, everyone fell into bed happy and spent.

Except Nic, who found out (the hard, and icky way) what happens when you wolf down 3 giant hotdogs. Ewww. But, bathroom cleaned up, Nic tucked back in bed…bedtime for mama too.

So, dear readers, you find me this morning, deeply contented by this new life we are enfolding ourselves in. From this feeling of purpose and belonging, many good things will come.