Something came over me yesterday. As I was getting Whinnie into her nap, I had a NEED to make cinnamon rolls. 😀

So, once she was firmly asleep, I snuck away from Whinnie and headed to the kitchen…to get The Book:
may11 005

As I make bread about every-other-day around here, this is a well-used resource.

I found the recipe I wanted…one for a standard pizza crust dough, and got to work.
may11 012

may11 016

Complete with homemade caramel topping!
Mind you, I’ve never (as an adult) made cinnamon rolls that didn’t come out of a can. But I *helped* my grandmother make them soooo many times when I was a child.

When the dough was done and rolled-out, I had only my memory to lead me. So I had Theo come in to help and we sprinkled and rolled. Then I had Nic come in and help sprinkle and roll the next batch.

By the time Papa Chris arrived home, the house smelled of yeast and cinnamon. And Theo couldn’t wait to show Papa his good work.

And not only were they edible…they were fantastic!

Why cinnamon rolls? and why yesterday? I think it was because of my reading and pondering about cycles and rhythms and waldorf and the protection of a child’s right to childhood.

My own early years were spent at my grandmother’s side. She was cooking or knitting or baking or dealing with laundry going on or off the clothesline. In other words, she was imitative and deeply engaging to me. I’m sure I got ‘under-foot’ and slowed her progress. But I have no memory of any impatience or irritation from her.

I have been endeavoring to be more like Grandma Gertie. I am working to be imitative and engaging. I am working to live a daily life that is less-mental, and more sensory. I believe this is best for my young-ones. I know that this more-soulful path is better for me.

I still have a very long way to go. It is hard for me, as I do live ‘in my head’ much of the time. This, I think, developed as a defense mechanism to my later childhood…which was spent with grumpy, dysfunctional parents…not close to my grandmother.

So I have much to do to be able to live more of my days experientially instead of mentally. And this is the work I must do to help the attachlings maintain their birthright to be full human beings.

As such, here are the two books I got from the library on Sunday.

may11 017

Creative Play is full of instructions and patterns to make toys that are walorf-friendly. There are dolls and doll slings and felted-this and knitted-that. This is an adorable book. It is one I would give to a crafty-mama for a gift.

Free to Learn is more thought and theory and practical application. It is specifically written about/for the early childhood years.

These were the only two books our new library system has about Waldorf Education, so I will make use of them.

I know there is much online that I can (and do) utilize for this learning process. But there’s the conundrum. I am working to lessen my time on the computer…as it’s one of those ‘mental’ tasks. It takes away, not just from time with the attachlings, but from time doing anything tactile and tangible and sensory.

But I work to forge that balance as best I can in quiet moments. And in pulling forth long-gone days when I was very small and loved very much by a grandmother who always smelled of yeast and clean laundry.