One of the many things that appeals to me about the waldorf-educational perspective is that it can and should flow with our daily lives. The challenge, then, is to have a daily life flow. 😀

I’m working on it.

I started first with meals. Several weeks ago, inspired by some awesome blogger-mamas who do menu planning/shopping once a month, I got my meal planning in order.

And since I was so inspired by their example, I’ll add mine. Here’s the basic dinner plan:

Sunday: Roasted Root Veggies w/ salad & fresh, homemade bread
Monday: Pasta with vegetarian meat sauce w/ salad & day old bread
Tuesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches with either salad or baked potatoes
Wednesday: breakfast (frittata or eggs w/ potatoes)
Thursday: Pasta w/ tofu & salad
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Leftovers

Dinners are usually planned with enough leftovers for Papa Chris’ lunch the following day. For myself and the attachlings, here’s the basic lunch plan

Monday: hotdogs w/ mac&cheese
Tuesday: chicken nuggets w/ rice & baby carrots
Wednesday: rice w/ pbj sandwiches
Thursday: chicken nuggets w/ mac&cheese
Friday: hotdogs w/rice & baby carrots

Ok, the basic lunch plan doesn’t look too inspired, but it is a repeating pattern that is augmented each day by whatever fresh fruits or veggies I have available.

The weekly meal/snack planning has been working out SO well. I am loving it. Not only is it most helpful in creating a shopping list…it is serenity-inducing for me on a daily basis. I need only to look at my list each morning to be reminded to fold breadmaking or some other task to my day. And it helps with just feeling ready for the day.

Next I’m working on a plan that will allow all our homes’ spaces to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Are you familiar with the Motivated Moms chore calendars? I used one in the past…and found it to be both useful and inexpensive. But I always skipped more items than not…because they weren’t relevant to my home.

But it is the kernal of the idea that I am working with. And it is a good kernal. So I am listing all the homekeeping tasks by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally, Yearly and the all-important As-Needed. Into this I am integrating the idea shared by Pam of doing one room a day. It’s a good idea and one that will help me in my weekly task list.

And, as if this weren’t enough, I’m also folding in tasks that are directly related to this waldorf path and the need of wee ones to imitate. So I am working to have specific day each week with one of these as its focus: baking, laundry, sewing, knitting, mending, yardwork.

Well, that’s quite enough for now. And all attachlings are now up and eating homemade Peanut Crispy Bars. Yum.

Off to it….and another visit to the farm this afternoon.