Nic and I were talking about this at lunch yesterday…fitting it all in.

We were remembering our days in the apartment in Bethesda as compared to now. Then we had too much day. Now we have not enough day to fit in all we want to do.

We are busy with something, it seems, from morning until exhausted bedtime. And this isn’t with driving here and going there. No one is involved in organized sports, classes or lessons. We don’t even leave ‘home’ during the week. (If we specify that ‘home’ means anywhere we can get to on-foot.)

Nope, this is just living. And this is living in a way that allows for alternating bouts of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ — times where there is activity, and times where there is rest.

The only time the boys use the computer these days is during Whinnie’s nap. And I try to make sure that they’ve been ‘doing’ so much that they welcome this time of rest and quiet.

Yesterday we headed over to the farm as soon as Whinnie’s nap was over. The boys were excited to see the chicks again. Whinnie wanted to see the baby goat. And none were disappointed.

We met a member our homeschooling group there and all the children flew all around the farm checking in on the animals. Since Nic and Theo had been there before, they were eager to serve as guides for the new visitors.

Here are several photos. Enjoy!


may13 008

may13 009

may13 020

may13 032
may13 031