For me, getting organized has alway involved a spreadsheet. 😀

Seriously. Last fall, with Christmas approaching, I created a spreadsheet of ideas for presents for each of the attachlings. It was a thing of beauty…there were links to all relevant websites, price for each item…shipping cost for each item. Beautiful.

When I showed it to Chris, he chuckled. He embraces my geekdom too…because he thinks it cute, and because it is just how I am.

I love spreadsheets. I love cost accounting. Putting a chaotic mess of information into their appropriate cell makes me happy. Weaving order out of chaos is just bliss for me.

So yesterday, armed with daily, weekly and monthly task lists, a spreadsheet was a must.

Are you familiar with Google Docs? Yeah, I’m also a google-geek. But, I digress… Google Docs offers word processing and spreadsheet and presentation software that you can use free. The great thing about this is that your document can be saved online, and thereby not in danger of being lost forever if your computer dies. Oh, and muliple people can (if you allow it) contribute to/edit the document.

So whilst Whinnie slept, I had my own little window of geek-heaven.

And now I have one combined calendar for meal planning and homekeeping tasks. There’s even a place to remind me of the daily focus with the children.
Monday: laundry
Tuesday: mending
Wednesday: sewing
Thursday: knitting
Friday: baking
Sat/Sun: home & yardwork incl. maintenance & carpentry

And today is baking day…which I put on Friday so that we can make things for meals and snacks for the weekend. Banana muffins, yum. 😀

Ok, but what about the homekeeping tasks? That’s what you want to know, right? 😉

Here’s my daily/as needed list:
tidy kitchen — empty/fill/run dishwasher, wipe down table & counters, sweep floor        
tidy living room — put away toys/books, sweep        
bathrooms — hang out or wash linens & wipe down counters        
laundry — do loads as needed        
master bedroom — make bed, tidy        
bedrooms — check with children & tidy as needed        
fridge — throw out old leftovers        

Adding to that, each weekday has a focus…this is a room or area that will get more attention/time.
Monday: kitchen
Tuesday: living room
Wednesday: outside
Thursday: bathrooms
Friday: meal planning

My handy-dandy spreadsheet has little comment bubbles to remind me what I want to do in each of those areas, like: kitchen — wipe down cabinets, wipe down appliances, clean glass.

THEN, and if you’re still with me, bless you… 😉
there are the monthly tasks. Since I have meal planning on Fridays, it seemed to be the most logical day to post these. Of course the idea is that I can fit tasks in here and there through the week.

1st Friday: clean fridge (ie take out everything and wash it down)
2nd: tidy closets (and add to the mending pile)
3rd: clean & organize laundry room
4th: clean & organize pantry

Phew…still with me? Good.

Well, that’s about it. I haven’t even started integrating ‘schooling’ time. But as complicated and full as it might look, this system allows for me to keep our home clean, good looking and operational, without doing housework all. day. long.

Unconvinced? That’s only because you haven’t seen the spreadsheet. 😉

peace (and off to prepare for the boys’ baking time — whenever they get up),