may15 015

This is our living room. 😀
I love the calm of this room and that wonderful view of the trees.
Look back behind the chair…there’s a nook there next to the fireplace. I decided it was the perfect place for a book nook.

may15 011

Here’s a close-up look. Eventually I see a small bookcase in a natural wood tone here…and a child-size chair or maybe a good floor cushion as well. But for now, it’s a nook. And one that both Whinnie and Theo have enjoyed. 😀

Did you know we now have a family pet?
may15 003

Can you see ‘him’ there? That’s Legs. He’s a little common spider that lives in our kitchen and laundry room. Theo noticed him first one day and kept track of his movements. Then he named him Legs.

may15 004

Most of the time Legs is up high. Yesterday he was on the floor…and then with some gentle prodding on the door to the deck. This gave the attachlings a chance to see him better.

“He has FOUR EYES,” exclaimed Nic
“How do we know if Legs is a girl or boy spider,” queried Theo

Legs has made a web in the corner of the laundry room. That’s just fine with me. He does his job of ridding us of pests. He can stay.

may15 005

Yesterday was Baking day. We started off small…whole wheat banana muffins. Yum.

Nic was excited to get started and involved in the whole process. Theo just wanted to play with Whinnie…so they went off together. This gave me time to be alone with just Nic.

He really is a dear person. He loves helping, cooking and baking. He took instruction well and followed them completely.

may15 026

This last photo shows all the attachlings sunning themselves on the deck while the muffins baked.

The are a funny, loving, intelligent, engaged and inventive threesome.

I am fortunate.