Here’s a link to a copy of my spreadsheet.

Let me know if that doesn’t give you access.
If it does let you in, go to the bottom of the page and click on the *May* link. I’ve only modified May, so far.

If you’d like to keep your own copy of this spreadsheet, go up to *File* and *Save Copy* and you’ll create your own. Then make sure you copy the unique URL that will point to yours. I have my calendar come up automatically as a tab in Windows Internet Explorer.


Life is good here.
Saturday was full of running around.
Sunday was filled with staying at home.

We got our first supply of farm fresh milk and eggs on Friday…more will come today.

Each day we will get milk and eggs, fresh from the animals just that morning.

Each day we will get milk and eggs from a neighboring farm.

It’s enough to make a tree-hugging, wanna-be-locavore just cry from joy.

blessings to you,