Before the move I spent time thinking about what I was hoping this new home would mean to us. I tried to remind myself that it wouldn’t magically change us. I reminded myself that we would bring with us whatever individual and/or relational issues we had before.

In other words, I tried to prepare myself for the disappointment ensue.

And I did have a few moments, in those early days, when I thought, “yep, I’m still as flawed and hobbled as I was before.”

But I tried to remain calm and observant. We needed time, I believed, to settle in to this new reality. We needed time for the quiet and the serenity and the trees and the mountains to speak to us. We all needed time to find our way in this new space.

And that’s what my talk of rhythm has been about. I’ve tried to be observant of the rhythms that are coming naturally to our days. I’ve tried to be observant of the needs of the children as they move through their day.

The rhythm is showing itself. And we are all feeling more centered and rooted and loving.

Saturday we were away from home for a huge chunk of the day. There were errands to run and a surprise for the children. (More on that surprise in days to come…maybe by next weekend we can finish it off and take photos.)

This is a big stressor for Whinnie in particular. Theo likes to run errands with me, as long as there’s not too much driving involved. But Whinnie? She needs to be home. Here’s a photo of her after we finally got home (and stayed home) Saturday just before dinner:

may19 004

Sorry for the poor photo quality. The light was waning and I was trying to not alert her by taking it through the screen and from a distance.

Anyway, that’s Whinnie, sitting on the deck eating ice. She loves to go sit on the deck several times a day and just ‘be.’ The deck is right outside the kitchen, which means she can be out there and still see me while I cook/clean. She loves her home and it shows in moments like this.

Speaking of rhythms…circle time. I haven’t quite figured out a Circle Time routine that doesn’t feel contrived to me…but I’m working on it in my own way. But yesterday morning,Β whilst I cleaned up from breakfast:

may19 011

Yep, child-led Circle Time on the deck…with Transformer toys. πŸ˜€

As for Circle Time, I’ll get there. What I’ve done so far is call the boys to me and talk about our day. It seems to get us all oriented and ready. It allows me to remind the boys what our daily (life skills) focus is, and it allows them time to tell me what they think of the day…usually they just want to know what is for lunch. ;D

Yesterday the focus was Laundry. And the boys were eager to help, do and learn. And I think they were impressed by the volume of laundry that can be created in a week. As it rained alot last week, I simply didn’t do much laundry…preferring to wait it out for a sunny day and the clothesline.

Today’s focus is on Mending. Each of them have several articles of clothing and a couple of soft toys, that need to be mended…but there never seems to be time for it. That’s why I had the (I believe brilliant) idea of making it a focus. I can get some mending time and they can start with some practical handwork skills.

Regarding another predicable rhythm. Isn’t this beautiful?

may19 008
That’s a photo of our first order of farm fresh eggs and milk. Those are half-gallon glass jugs full of fresh milk from a lovely cow named Ersa. And the eggs are so many beautiful hues and sizes.

And that is a rhythm for me. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will get another gallon of milk and dozen eggs from our neighbor. Every week. Every other day we these lovely blessings, fresh from the animals. Oh, and on Mondays…there’s also fresh butter. Yum.

That rhythm can then fold into my meal planning…and into baking day. πŸ˜€

may19 017
Here’s a photo depicting another rhythm. Can you see a spot of orange and another of blue within these trees? That’s Nic and Theo. They love the woods next to the house. Everyday after Whinnie’s nap…weather allowing…they charge outside to explore the woods. It’s a good counter-balance to the sitting still and recharging they do during her nap. They create, they negotiate, they weave imaginative tales, they fight ‘the forces of evil’ together. It’s cool to see them have this time together again. And it’s good for them to be not under mama’s gaze every second…though I can hear them and I do check frequently…I’m still a mama, after all. πŸ˜€

may19 014
Last rhythm. Knitting. There hasn’t been very much knitting time lately. I do try to have a sitdown during Whinnie’s naps (as it’s about the only time except meals when I’m sitting these days) and put a few rows on my current project.

But, I do need to kick this in gear soon. I have a MIL birthday coming up next month…and a visit from said MIL in 3 weeks. EEK! I really, really want to make her something. So I got out knitting books and looked at patterns online. I know what I want to make for her…I just can’t find a pattern that looks like what I’m imagining. Plus…I’m still a newer knitter, so I can’t get into anything too complicated. Plus…I’m limited by what our budget can handle right now.

Ok, looking through the books and online patterns is WAY fun too. πŸ˜€

As I was trying to go to sleep last night, though, the pattern came to me. I know what I will make her and I have it mapped out in my head. I’ll just need to get to a yarn store this weekend and get some good lace/lightweight wool and get started. I’ll jot the pattern down as I go and share it, of course.

But I need to get into a good knitting rhythm as I have so much to create before Christmas.

Thankfully, the aforementioned surprise should allow me more knitting time, as it will keep the attachlings busy…so that I can knit.

Eagerly yours,