Mending day was a success. I’ll admit, I’m surprised. 😀

Here at the beginning of establishing this new routine, I don’t expect the boys to be entirely enthusiastic. But they have been.

I chose to do ‘mending’ during Whinnie’s nap. This is something I have to think about. I want our days to have a predictable rhythm, and as such I had been jumping right into our daily-focus right after breakfast.

But some things are just more challenging with a 2-year-old’s ‘help.’ So I need to decide if it is better to do each of these during Whinnie’s naps.

Anyway, yesterday, with the need for needles and scissors, we did wait until Whinnie was slumbering to get started.

The boys were quite eager. We started by going through everything in the mending pile. We looked at each item and decided if it needed a little stitching, or if it would need a bigger repair. Those that are going to need patches, or must be fixed with a sewing machine, we set aside.

Left were lots of pants once worn by Nic. Nic has a talent for wearing the knees out of pants. Some of them are patchable. Others were beyond patching, so Theo helped me to make cutoff shorts out of them.

Other items only needed a repaired seam.

At the end of our time (I’m keeping it very short…less than 30 minutes for continued interest) we had 3 cutoffs for Theo, another pair of shorts that needed a mended seam, and a pillowcase that Nic repaired all by himself.

Before next Tuesday I need to get to the store and buy some patches. I think they’ll like helping to iron and/or stitch those in place.

may19-2 003

I am trying to make this a ‘doing’ project, not a thinking one. I don’t want these project days to become all ‘head’ where we are talking and theorizing and pontificating. I want them to be sensory and experiential. Nonetheless, there needed to be a minimal amount of explanation about why we are mending these things.

Theo said it right off, though: “If we fix these, then we don’t have to buy new ones…that helps the planet!”

Today the focus is Sewing. Not machine sewing, just sewing. I haven’t unpacked the sewing machine yet, and I need time alone to make sure it is adjusted and properly oiled before they get lessons on using it.

Nope, today will be about hand sewing. And they are eager.

A last word on all of these project days.
As a person who spends way too much of her time ‘in her head’ I can say they are challenging. A major reason why I haven’t involved the children more previously is because I like the alone time that housework gives me. I can be in my head, I can use the time to think, I can be alone.

This process is a learning one for me too. I am learning how to tolerate their unpredictability. I am learning to tolerate their being in my mental space. I am learning to be patient as they learn these new skills.

Baby steps…I’m telling you.
They are learning in small nuggets.
I am learning in small nuggets.